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wendy rambles

I have to be completely honest with you, books are not my only love, so here are a few non-bookish things that I love just as much as reading.



youngblood by 5 Seconds of summer

I am madly in love with this band, been a fan since 2014. I have seen them in concert twice and not to mention, they are the only favorite band of mine to actually come to my hometown for a show, and that is pretty special to me.



bangtan boys (bts)

Just like with 5 Seconds of Summer, I fell in love with this K-POP group around the same time, actually. It was just one of those random nights where I was browsing for new music to add to my library, I guess 😀 Anyway, I pretty much fell for this group instantly. Their lyrics just hit close to home for me and their voices would instantly put me to sleep or calm my nerves when I felt stressed out.

Ever since I have become obsessed with them, I plan on listening to more K-POP groups and artists, but we will see.


That is pretty much it for the things I am currently obsessed with. I know it’s just music, but that’s only because that is all I am listening to at the moment while I prepare for my Seattle trip to see Harry Styles in concert.

Until next time.

xo, wendy 

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4 thoughts on “What I’m Currently Obsessed With | Wendy Rambles

  1. I used to be huge on kpop, but I haven’t been listening as much lately. And while kpop has definitely been on the rise for a while now internationally, I’m so happy to see how much everyone is LOVING BTS and how they’ve truly taken the world by storm! I’m going to have to binge-listen to them.

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    1. I have always loved it, but my love just resurfaced while I was going through a tough time. And I agree 100%! I get so happy when people end up liking their music. You should! I’m actually binge-watching their music videos and trying not to cry because of how far they have come.

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