Top 5 Fictional Boyfriends | Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Today is one of those days where everyone is expressing their love for their loved ones and it puts me in a lovey-dovey kind of mood so I felt like doing a post about my Top 5 Fictional Boyfriends!


29749090 #1. Bruce Wayne

You honestly don’t think I would make this post and not add Bruce Wayne?! Um, yes! He is my ultimate fictional boyfriend ever since I was young. I have been obsessed with Batman since the beginning thanks to my brother, and Batman: Nightwalker is already on my Top 5 Favorites for this year.


#2. Noah Shaw

Noah Shaw is obviously on this list for one reason only: He has a British accent and, you know, he’s good looking as well. I quickly fell for this character in the Mara Dyer trilogy, and was ecstatic when news about him having his own story as a spinoff was released.


#3. Thomas Cresswell

Do I really have to express my undying love for Thomas? I mean, come on, who doesn’t love this character? I wish I had magic powers so I could make this character appear directly in front of me. He is so charming and all of the above.


4. Nick Gautier

This character right here, everyone! I freaking love Nick from the Chronicles of Nick series so much! I love his sassy attitude and his weird comebacks.

5. Xavier Woods

Most of you will think I’m insane for putting this one on the list, but…I can’t help it. Xavier Woods is honestly part of my teenage years, and that is the only reason why he is still part of my fictional boyfriends list. Since I have read a lot of books since I completed this trilogy, I pretty much forgot all about what he was like so he is just on here for the nostalgia, I guess.

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