Book Review: Lost Boy by Christina Henry

Book Title: Lost Boy
Author: Christina Henry
Published: July 4th, 2017
Reading Format: Paperback
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

There is one version of my story that everyone knows. And then there is the truth. This is how it happened. How I went from being Peter Pan’s first—and favorite—lost boy to his greatest enemy.

Peter brought me to his island because there were no rules and no grownups to make us mind. He brought boys from the Other Place to join in the fun, but Peter’s idea of fun is sharper than a pirate’s sword. Because it’s never been all fun and games on the island. Our neighbors are pirates and monsters. Our toys are knife and stick and rock—the kinds of playthings that bite.

Peter promised we would all be young and happy forever.

If you can’t tell already, but, I am beyond obsessed with anything that has to do with Peter Pan. I’m not even joking, and my goal for 2017 is to collect and read all of the reimagined Peter Pan books that are out as of right now. This is, I believe, my fourth or fifth since I did read a few of them back when I was younger, but, I think this one tops all of them. The fact that Lost Boy basically has a horror vibe just made it 10x enjoyable for me.

“Was this, I wondered, what it felt like to be a grown-up? Did you always feel the weight of things on you, your cares pressing you down like a burden you could never shake? No wonder Peter could fly. He had no worries to weight him to the earth.”

The alternate version of the Peter Pan we all know and – possibly – have grown up with like me is just refreshing and a big eye opener. I mean, yes, this is a retelling, but it also makes you think if this version of Peter actually existed? I don’t know about you, but it did get me thinking because in the original story, we never got to learn how Peter and Captain actually met. All we know is that they are enemies.

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