Wendy Rambles — Riverdale

I know my website is Suburbia Reads and most of the stuff featured on this site are books related, but earlier today I decided to change that, and add a few of my non-bookish favorite things like: TV Shows, Music and Films. Everything will be under the label: Wendy Rambles.

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For the first non-bookish post on this site, I’m just going to talk about something that is purely simple, fresh and new. If you have not heard about the CW’s newest show, Riverdale, then why are you still living under a rock?

The newest hit series premiered on the station back in January (January 26th), and it quickly became an auto favorite of mine. I don’t know how to explain why, honestly, but it just happened. It’s like when you purchase a brand-new book and you immediately love it to pieces without even diving right into its content, well, that’s exactly how I feel about this particular show.

Betty and Jughead are goals

If you are still not sure about this show, then let me try to explain it the best I can. Now, I am not the biggest Comic fan, but I do plan on purchasing most of the Archie Comics in the future – which this series is based on the characters in the comics only.



Anyway, I am getting off track, I absolutely refuse to go into too much detail about Riverdale. It honestly does not matter if you have seen the cartoon show out of a random sick day or even skimmed through the comics that are scattered everywhere in the bookstores, you will still love this show.  

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