Book Review: Sever by Lauren DeStefano



Book Title: Sever
Author: Lauren DeStefano
Book Series: The Chemical Garden Trilogy, #3
Reading Format: Paperback
Rating: ☆☆

With the clock ticking until the virus takes its toll, Rhine is desperate for answers. After enduring Vaughn’s worst, Rhine finds an unlikely ally in his brother, an eccentric inventor named Reed. She takes refuge in his dilapidated house, though the people she left behind refuse to stay in the past. While Gabriel haunts Rhine’s memories, Cecily is determined to be at Rhine’s side, even if Linden’s feelings are still caught between them.

Meanwhile, Rowan’s growing involvement in an underground resistance compels Rhine to reach him before he does something that cannot be undone. But what she discovers along the way has alarming implications for her future—and about the past her parents never had the chance to explain.

In this breathtaking conclusion to Lauren DeStefano’s Chemical Garden trilogy, everything Rhine knows to be true will be irrevocably shattered.


Sever is the third and final book in The Chemical Garden trilogy. A trilogy that I started before I hit my twenties, making my thoughts on them completely different now. The first book, Wither, was actually good, in my opinion, and I was excited to dive right into the second book, Fever, and that one was okay. Now, we have the final book, and, I don’t really know how to express my feelings about it.

Honestly, this book would have been better, if the author had some decency and killed off one of the characters. I know, that is harsh to say, but, I don’t really care. The book would have been better without that annoying brat [not talking about the main character]. She just got in the way for everything and it got to the point where it drove me crazy.

Not only that, but, she was also extremely whiny and, for some reason, I hate those types of characters. There were some scenes where I was literally rolling my eyes every time she did something that was just stupid.

Besides all of this, I did enjoy this book and was actually pleased with how it ended.

Start from the beginning…

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