It has been awhile since I have been on here. I had to take a break because of things and stuff like that, but I felt like coming on here just to write this post.

First and foremost, I think I might delete this blog for good. I just don’t feel motivated to work on it anymore plus I did get a couple of negative comments and at that time I was in a very emotional state so everything pretty much made me cry, and coming back on here is slowly bringing back those feelings.

However, I do think I want to start over with a fresh blog, however, it might not have a customized domain until I get back into the habit of blogging and find the right things I want to blog about.

I mean, I kind of out grown the name Suburbia Reads and I just need a fresh start. I think it’s time.

If you care, you can find me on both twitter and instagram.

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It has been pretty hectic where I live since the weather is getting warmer and I am doing a little more outside, so please don’t be surprised if I end up disappearing every now and then. Life comes before this blog. Fill free to follow me over on Twitter. I’m very active on there since it’s easier to do, and I am also back to taking photos, so find me on Instagram as well.

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To Be Read Wednesday: Escape from the Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz


Escape from the Isle of the Lost

Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos may have once been the baddest of the bad, but their wicked ways are (mostly) behind them – and now graduation is almost here! But before the seniors can don their custom-designed caps and gowns, courtesy of Evie, they’ve got an epic plan to put into action.
There are tons of villain kids on the Isle of the Lost who are eager for their chance to come to Auradon Prep – even Celia, Dr. Facilier’s trickster daughter, wants in on the deal! – and Mal’s crew is using their upcoming visit to the Isle to help make it happen. But Auradon’s biggest threat is still at large…

Trapped on the other side of the barrier, Uma is more desperate than ever to get her long-awaited revenge against Mal. When she discovers an underground lair belonging to Hades, god of the underworld, Uma realizes she’s found the perfect partner in crime. Together, they can defeat Mal, bring down the barrier, and escape the Isle for good.

Mal and Uma have a score to settle, and they’ll come face to face in an explosive underwater battle that could determine the fates of Auradon and the Isle of the Lost once and for all.

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